About Dr. Jay


Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a doctor. Kind of cliche, I know – but it’s true. My mom was a nurse and I loved the way I felt so taken care of when I was in her doctor’s office that I knew I wanted to help people in the same way when I grew up.

So I set out to become a doctor. I did the schooling, passed the board exams, got the proper licensing and opened up a private practice in San Diego, CA. At the Warren Family Wellness Center, I took care of infants, children, teens, adults & grandparents, helping their bodies heal from sickness and injury. And while the chiropractic adjustments I delivered did allow them to recover, I realized that the majority of the chronic health problems that people were coming to see me for came from unhealthy lifestyle choices more than anything else.

So I focused on prescribing exercise and stretching routines, recommending dietary changes and teaching methods to improve their ability to handle the daily stresses of life. And many practice members had great results – they felt better and looked better, they had more energy and enjoyed all the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

But after a while, I started feeling frustrated. Even though I had all of these effective exercise, diet and stress reduction programs to recommend and teach to people and even though I knew that these programs would help people regain their health and then allow them to live long, healthy, energetic lives, most people just weren’t doing them. Or if they did start something, most would stop after their pain was gone or they lost the weight or healed from their sickness or whatever caused them to make a change.

I would be happy to help them get better, but I would be frustrated when they came back in a few weeks or few months later when their problem came back. And I wasn’t frustrated with them – I was frustrated with myself. I felt like I had let them down because I had not worked to solve the root cause of their problem.

It was then that I started developing these programs that work with the “mindset” around health. It’s your thinking and beliefs that are the source of self-sabotage and the key to releasing you from it is discovering deep down inside of you what really inspires you to make changes in your life. Mindset is the determining factor in whether you are successful in achieving your health goals or not. Once you are crystal clear about exactly what you want and why it’s really important to you, we can craft a Lifestyle Design that will ensure real, long lasting change that will allow your dream to become your reality.

So now I can truly help you holistically: Chiropractic Care for healing and energizing your Nervous System, Lifestyle Programs to impact your exercise, diet and stress management routines and Health Coaching to help you design a plan to implement all of these into your life so you can enjoy all the health, happiness and energy you’ve been wanting for so long now.


The more formal Bio:

Dr. Jay Warren earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from U.C. San Diego and a Doctorate degree from Life Chiropractic College West graduating summa cum laude. In his private practice in San Diego, he specializes in family wellness care, helping people of all ages heal themselves naturally without the use of drugs or surgery. As a Health Coach, Dr. Jay works with clients on the “mindset” of health, creating Lifestyle Designs that ensure powerful and long-term results from their health care plans.