Dr. Jay’s Gentle Approach to Chiropractic Care

I practice a very non-traditional method of chiropractic that uses what I call “light force” adjustments. It’s a very different experience than the cracking and popping type of adjustments that most people receive in other chiropractic offices.

Now, traditional adjustments can be delivered very safely and are very effective in helping the people that receive them. I utilize them myself from time to time when needed.

But the adjustments I do in my office are gentle, light touches along your spine – often with the amount of pressure you would use if you were to touch your closed eyelid. I also use an adjusting instrument called an Activator (often nicknamed “the Clicker” by the adults or “Dr. Snappy” by the kids) that uses a small impulse to release tension in the joints and muscles.

And this style I use is different not just in the amount of force used – it’s also different in how it helps your body heal and stay healthy.

On one hand, traditional chiropractic looks for misalignments and restriction of movement in the spinal joints. Then using high force adjustments to correct these problems, the irritation to the Nervous System is removed, the body becomes more relaxed and healthier. Simply put, the thinking is: if it’s out of alignment and not moving, let’s put it back into alignment and get it moving again.

But the bones don’t just move out of alignment on their own. Muscles are what move joints and it’s a muscle imbalance that pulls the bones out of place. (Significant physical traumas such as car accidents can do this but the majority of spinal misalignments in the general population come from chronic, lower grade stress.)

So then you might think that working out the tension in the tight, unbalanced muscles would be the answer. And you would be right, it would allow the bones to move back into proper position but what causes the muscles to become tight in the first place?

Nerve tension. The nerves are what signal the muscles to tighten or relax and then that’s what moves the bones out of alignment.

So if I were to just whack the bones back into place without removing the muscle tension, then the joints are just going to go back out of alignment.

And if I were to only massage the muscles until they relaxed without removing the underlying nerve tension, then the muscles would just tighten up again and we would be back where we started.

So what the light force adjustments do is uniquely target the inner stress and tension in your Nervous System that is keeping your muscles tight, keeping your body stressed and keeping your health from recovering.

Your Nervous System controls every single function of your body. It sends signals to every organ, tissue and cell of your body to keep it as healthy as it can. If stress is stored in your body, there’s no way it can do its job properly and overtime, you loose your health.

The healing work I offer is safe, powerful and effective in not only getting your health back, but also growing it to levels higher than you ever thought were possible so you can experience more health, more energy and more happiness than you ever have before.