Dr. Jay’s Approach to Health Care

As a healer, I work with the Nervous System which is the master controller of all of your body processes. Your Nervous System controls, coordinates, and regulates every function of your body. When your body is overwhelmed by stress (physical, bio-chemical, and/or psychological), damage is produced in your Nervous System, called a Subluxation.

What I do is use adjustments to remove the subluxations from your body so that your body can again do what it is naturally designed to do, heal itself.

But where did that damage come from in the first place? It didn’t just come out of nowhere and it’s not from a lack of chiropractic care. It’s a result of lifestyle stress – the physical, bio-chemical and/or psychological stress you are subjected to on a day-to-day, week-to-week, year-to-year basis.

So if I were to help your body repair the damage to your Nervous System in my office but then just send you back out into the lifestyle stress that caused it in the first place, the problem is just going to be recreated again. Most people want permanent solutions to their health problems, not just the temporary treatment of conditions. So part of my job then is to also identify areas of stress in your life that we can work on along with the chiropractic care for your Nervous System so you don’t recreate the health problems again in the future.

Are you exercising enough, too much? Are you getting enough water, eating too many processed foods and not enough fruits and vegetables? Are your current diet habits supporting your health? Are you disorganized – in you home life, work, or finances? Do you enjoy healthy relationships? Do you have tools (and use them) to minimize stress in your life?

Once we remove the neurological stress patterns in your body, your body can adapt to daily life stresses more effectively so that they don’t break your health down over time. As you regain your health, we strengthen and stabilize your system and look to see how we can modify your lifestyle habits so that these health problems don’t come back again.

I consider helping you build healthy new habits probably the most important work I can do with you. This mental aspect, “the Mindset of Health” is what “Health Coaching with Dr. Jay” is all about. So with me, you are not only getting a doctor that helps you improve your physical health, you get one that will help you improve your health in all areas of your life.