Why Dr. Jay Works with Kids

Some people are surprised to see so many children getting adjusted in my office. And after the little ones leave the room, I often get asked:

“What’s wrong with that kid?” (always with a voice full of concern, not judgment)

“Nothing at all.” I reply.

“I didn’t know little kids could have back pain” they might wonder aloud.

It’s then that I get to explain why I love seeing so many children in my practice:

–Because the little ones here are already healthy and their parents want to keep them healthy.

–Because it’s better (easier, quicker, cheaper) to correct small issues as they come up rather than wait for them to snowball into larger problems years later when they become adults.

–Because while these children are growing and developing, keeping their Nervous System healthy and strong will allow them to live their lives at their highest potential.

I talked about this more in a radio interview I did – you can listen to a 4 minute clip of it here:

You see, it all starts with the birth process. Even during a normal labor and delivery, there is a tremendous amount of compression and then stretching of a baby’s delicate spine.

Think about this Moms: remember all that pressure and pain you felt during delivery? Well, all of that pressure came from your baby’s head being pushed through the canal.

And remember how did you hold your baby’s head when they were first born? You were very careful protecting them especially when passing them to another loved one so they could hold your little one. In those first few months, they don’t have enough muscle strength in their necks to hold up their own delicate head.

So during delivery, all of that pressure you felt was also on your little baby’s head and neck. Birth trauma can be even more significant if any interventions (vacuum, forceps, c-section, etc.) are used.

The gentle chiropractic adjustments I deliver release the tension stored in their little body and nervous system from that pressure filled birth process. I have seen truly incredible results in infants with severe sleep disturbances, chronic ear infections, “colic”, difficulty latching for breastfeeding, as well as many other problems within a matter of only a few visits from correcting tiny misalignments in their spine.

With toddlers and older children, the busy job of growth and development involves many physical, chemical, and emotional stresses. Falls, spills, bumps and bruises are extremely common, causing spinal, muscular, and nervous system tension to accumulate. “Growing pains”, digestion issues, asthma, ear infections, allergies, sleeping problems, recurrent infections, attention difficulties and learning issues also respond very quickly to care once that inner stress is released.

Since children have not yet established long term unhealthy patterns in their body, kids are able to heal so quickly and we can set them up for a lifetime of health and happiness.

So now do you know why I love seeing so many children in my practice?

It’s far better to grow healthy children than repair damaged adults.